What We Do

Solid brass and aluminum Domino’s.

The Domino’s come with a domino box with a logo or name of your choice. With your logo on the backside of the domino also. This set of dominoes with Solid Brass and Aluminum material with box would cost $160.

We create products that you can use. Each order is put in a first come first serve basis.

Everything we make here is art and it’s not created until it’s ordered and discussed with the customer.

We were established in 2019 during COVID-19 pandemic. But we’re still working on growing for you

We treat every order with the same care and respect.

We are trying to create things that are within your reach to enjoy for years to come.

Our Material is 100% solid

1 experts working

100% satisfied customers

We also specialize in Plane aluminum art plain brass art and plain copper art. 3-D prints are also available.

We take pride in what we do!

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We are very happy with the quality of our product.

Byron W.
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